The Importance of Skilled Representation to Achieve Your Goals

In the internet age, many buyers question the purpose of a buyer’s agent. The listings are all on the web, and one can simply deal directly with listing agents. That was, after all, what was done back in the days when New York City had no multiple listing service (MLS), and brokers showed only their own exclusives and open listings. Much has changed, and we now have the ability to show any and all listings regardless of who the listing broker is. More than 95 percent of sales today are co-brokes, meaning the seller and buyer each have their own representation. The buyers who have the most success in the market are those who have the best representation. The buyer incurs no cost for this professional service, as commissions are paid entirely by the seller.

Our Philosophy

At Wohlfarth, we believe in devoting ourselves to our buyers, to advise and direct them on the properties that are best suited to their needs, to negotiate with skill and knowledge on their behalf, and to make sure a buyer is presented in the best possible light, both when submitting an offer and when preparing an application package to a coop or condo board. We are trained extensively within the firm and through the many outside classes and seminars we attend. Our focused approach and our extensive knowledge of buildings and neighborhoods saves our buyers precious time.

The Advantage of Being Small

As a boutique firm, we are able to devote more time and personal attention to our buyers. Our president, Rick Wohlfarth, is always available to buyers, to assist with questions or concerns, and works closely with our agents on every deal. Client satisfaction is extremely important to us, and we strive to make the entire process a pleasant and painless one. We provide the highest level of service to all buyers, regardless of price level.

The Importance of Listening

We believe that the more we know about our clients, the better we can serve their needs, so we ask a lot of questions. We will discuss your timing and needs as well as particular preferences. We will also discuss your finances, particularly as they pertain to qualifying for loans and passing coop boards. We will not waste your time showing properties that will not fit your qualifications or your requirements. In addition, we do our best to educate buyers about the market and the many important aspects of purchasing a home, and to answer the many questions that arise in the process. You and your Wohlfarth agent will work as a team to identify requirements, with the common goal of meeting your housing needs.


Our agents live in various neighborhoods in Manhattan and the outer boroughs, and deal in properties all over the city. This allows us to often suggest options that buyers may not have originally considered, but which may better fit their needs and desires.

Pricing Knowledge

It is of utmost importance for an agent to understand and follow pricing trends, in order to best advise clients on bidding. We study past sales and properties in contract, to determine the best negotiating strategies. We produce quarterly market reports to explain the state of the market at any given time, so our buyers can bid with confidence.


Getting in to see the best properties is essential. As members of both REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York) and MANAR (Manhattan Association of Realtors) our agents have extensive connections with our colleagues in the brokerage community. We can provide immediate access to the thousands of active listings throughout the city.

Trusted Partners

We will recommend attorneys, lenders, architects, and contractors as needed, and coordinate among these team members throughout the buying process.

Board Package Expertise

We work with our buyers to prepare coop and condo application packages that are of the highest quality. We will provide the guidance you need to make the best appearance. Rick Wohlfarth personally reviews all packages before submission, and the company is recognized throughout the industry for thoroughness and attention to detail.