Lawrence DeMartino was born and raised in New York City. In his twenties, he followed his dream of being a custom furniture designer. He built a business working with high end interior designers and decorators from all over the world. During his career, he became familiar with some of the most amazing properties, many in New York City’s prime neighborhoods. This made him very interested in the Real Estate world.

Upon retiring his furniture business, he started his Real Estate career in upscale Fire Island Pines, New York.  After ten years of selling and renting beach properties, Lawrence decided to bring his experience to New York City. Fortunately, he had a friend working with Wohlfarth & Associates, who were eager to take him on as a team member.

Lawrence has a unique way of dealing with all parties involved in a Real Estate transaction, prides himself on his attention to detail and focuses on everyone’s needs and expectations from the first showing to the closing table.

Past Rentals