Michael is a native New Yorker, with characteristic street savvy and people skills.

He can be tremendously effective for sellers and buyers alike, because he understands that the best real estate deals are those where both parties needs are understood and fulfilled.

Michael is able to identify the key qualities of a property that will make it attractive on the market and which will serve as strengths on which buyers can build.

He has been successful because he targets audiences for the timeliest and best results. He seeks to market properties not to everyone, but to the right buyers, looking for the amenities and neighborhood advantages that the property offers.

Michael has helped many find the home in which to realize their dreams. Insightful, he is able to help buyers identify their “must haves.” Creative, he is able to find buyers the perfect space – whether it is a space as it exits or in a space as it could exist. For unlike many brokers, Michael has the vision and skill to see the potential for achieving what the buyer wants in a space, often suggesting ideas that exceed the buyer’s original plans.