Meticulous and detail oriented, Anh-Tho Pong is a former engineer who provides tailored research and individualized attention to every client. She believes that expert work, as well as good service, honest, transparency and listening skills, will convince clients that you have their best interests at heart. Anh-Tho will hold your hand through the very stressful time of finding a new home and moving, and can be relied upon at all times to address your questions and concerns.

Anh-Tho moved to New York after high school and has lived in Queens and Manhattan ever since. She most recently lived in Hell’s Kitchen before purchasing her apartment on the Upper West Side. Originally from Vietnam, Anh-Tho lived in Brussels for a few years during childhood, then grew up in the Ivory Coast. She came to New York without speaking any English, earned her degree in Electrical Engineering from the City College of New York, then worked for Bell Labs and AT&T Labs doing research on microphone and voice technologie. After taking time off to be a mother, she embraced the world of real estate where she found a natural home for her skills.

Fluent in Vietnamese, French and English, Anh-Tho understands what it’s like to move to Manhattan from across the world, and across the river. She loves the city for many reasons, particularly its ethnic mix of food and people. “Where else in the world can you go from China to Korea to Africa just by hopping on one train? You can start your day with a Chinese breakfast, lunch on Korean barbecue, snack on French pastries, and dine on African Pintate all by just making stops along the B train!”